Mai 3

Poly_Z proudly presents

PreciousPandaExperience (Ausschuss / Zwerk – Bremen)
Oswald Twist [S.A.B. / Zwerk - Bremen]
Henna Starla [Keine Party / Zwerk - Bremen]
Ponyschlachterei [Haseland]
Rainina Records [Oldenbronx]
derMädchen&dasJunge [Poly_Z / Zwerk - OL / HB]

Poly_Z is the one who gives you the power to do the snake.
Poly_Z is the one who gives you the key to the wiggly worm.
Poly_Z is the one who learns you how to walk your body.

But always remember: Theres no end in the rate of π.
And thats true!

Samstag, 11. Mai um 22:00
Polyester, Am Stadtmuseum 15, 26121 Oldenburg

******Polyester – our favourite couch club!

As time goes by….
Since may 2010 we meet monthly every second saturday
to whorship electronic music of every colour & riddim.
It doesnt matter if its House, Electro, Techno or even Folk.
You may be black, you may be white.
You may be Jew or Gentile.
It doesnt make a difference in our couch club!
Just join us and our clinking friends for havin a good time.
…..see you on the dancefloor, honey.

******Polyester – a material music is made of!

21 – 23 derMädchen&dasJunge
23 – 01 Rainina Records
01 – 02 Ponyschlachter
02 – 03 Precious Panda Experience
03 – 04 Oswald Twist
04 – xx Henna Starla

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